About Sonya

Hi, I'm Sonya, a self taught artist living in a small Devon village with my husband.

I love to create art that makes people smile and feel happy, that they hopefully can connect with.

My passion for creating art goes back to my early days as a young child, my earliest memories are of me drawing little pictures for my Mom and Nan.  Even though its always something that I've enjoyed, I didn't put pencil to paper for many years and it wasn't until 2015, when my life took a new direction, that my love for art was reawakened.

I realised creating art was not just something that I loved to do, it was also a great source of therapy for me, helping me on my journey to heal my inner self and give me a sense of purpose.  I started to appreciate and take inspiration from the beauty of the nature around me, the birds, beautiful flowers and butterflies and these are often used as positive symbols in my paintings.  

It was also when my love affair with watercolours began.  I always find myself drawn to how beautiful and delicate they can be whilst being so vibrant.  Inks, fluid acrylics and mixed media also often feature in my art.

​Whilst I love to draw or paint almost any subject, I have a real passion for drawing and painting faces.  The eyes are the windows to the soul.  For me, there's something so special about capturing the spirit of a person in their eyes or an emotion on a face that can be connected with, especially when drawing someone special as a portrait commission. 

Thank you for visiting.  I really hope you enjoy my art.